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BA 2nd Year Compulsory English Question Set B

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Compulsory English (202)
Level: Bachelor / II Year / Humanities
New Course
Attempt ALL the questions.
Group “A”
1. Read the following passage and answer the questions given below: [15]
European immigration to the United States has been continuous since 1607, but the most significant period of such migration occurred between 1820 and 1920. During this time, a total of 32 million immigrants arrived in the country in successive waves. For the first seventy years, almost all came from northwestern Europe, especially from Britain, Ireland, Scandinavia, and Germany. Then, as the flow of immigrants from these countries declined, large number of people began to make the journey across the Atlantic from Italy, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Greece, and other countries of southern and eastern Europe.
A number of factors lay behind people’s decision to leave their European homes. Some people were escaping from political oppression in their homelands. Others, especially in Britain and Germany, had acquired technical skills that allowed them to seek jobs on the open market. For still others, threats to their physical survival were a factor. The start of the great period of Irish immigration (1845-1900), for example, is associated with a disease that destroyed the potato crop and caused starvation throughout Ireland. The Jews of Eastern Europe saw moving to North America as a way to escape widespread prejudice and violence in which thousands of Jews were murdered.

a. What is the main idea of the first paragraph?
b. List any four factors the immigrants had left the Europe.
c. Who were the immigrants across the Atlantic?
d. Why were East European moved to North America?
e. Who were the major immigrants to America in nineteenth century and early twentieth century? Make a list.

2. What is “culture,” and how and when do we acquire it? What kinds of human behavior are influenced by it? What do you expect to see in a country that is “culturally diverse”?
Write a five paragraph essay on the health care system in our country – its strengths and weaknesses. [15]

3. Complete the sentences with words from the list below. [5]
[assess, conduct, eliminate, fatal, cautious, profit, potential, evidence, determine, ignore]
a. Before researchers start to test new treatment on human subjects, they need to ______________ the possible risks to their subjects.
b. Malaria is a disease that can be __________ if it is not treated in time.
c. After a new drug is developed and tested on animals, the next step to _____________ clinical trials with human subjects.
d. A low fever in a child is usually not a cause for alarm. But don’t __________ it! Keep an eye on the fever. If it gets worse, call your doctor.
e. Drug companies often invest millions of dollars to research a new drug before they start making a ___________ from selling the drug.

4. Divide the following words into four groups: contrast makers, view makers, classification makers, and cause and effect markers. [5]
categorize, blame, cause, classify, contrast, accuse, charge, differ, impact, claim, factor, allege, consider, distinguish, vary, affect, divide, contribute, group, conclude

5. Write the single word or words that are similar in meaning to the following.[5]
a. very small and therefore unimportant
b. large and therefore vary important
c. the plants growing in a specific region
d. to give things out to a number of people
e. to stop changing

Group “B”
6. Read the following paragraphs and write a summary and response. [10]

7. Draw a block diagram of the structure of an essay. [5]

8. Discuss whether you think biological or social and cultural factors are more important in shaping gender roles.
Examine the pros and cons of using the Internet, especially the World Wide Web, as an educational tool. To what degree does this mass medium enhance, and to what degree does it obstruct, students’ learning? [10]

9. Write an imagined letter to John Holt responding to criticisms he makes in “School is Bad for Children” and recommendations for improvement. In your letter, focus on why you support or oppose Holt’s ideas.
Write three or four paragraphs summarizing your findings about the American Dream. Describe the attitudes and experiences of the individuals you have come through. [10]

10. Write the synonymous words to the following italicized words: [5]
a. a resourceful approach that a student might take to a class assignment
b. a reason a student or teacher or teacher might bluff about something
c. a time when you worked on a school project for hours on end
d. the high school classes that you think should be compulsory
e. an educational practice that you think should be abolished

11. Explore employment opportunities and limitations in your culture. Are certain groups of people restricted in their job opportunities because of such factors as race, ethnicity, religion, gender, social class, sexual orientation, or educational
background? Consider the social factors that limit the employment opportunities of a certain group of people.
Gary Althen, the writer of “American Values And Assumptions”, defines values as “ideas about what is right and wrong, desirable and undesirable, and so on”. Discuss major differences you’ve noticed in values and assumptions while in a different community that is culturally different from where you grew up. Did anything seem “wrong” or “undesirable”? [10]

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